Fix Hacked WordPress Site

fix hacked wordpress site

Security on the internet has been a huge topic. With large corporations being hacked, and even government servers. These big guys such as Yahoo and others that have been hacked have the money and resources to fix the issue. What about you? Who has your back? Do you need to fix hacked WordPress site? Well, UltraWeb Marketing is not only an SEO and Online Marketing company. We are a WordPress Developer! We understand all of the interworking of WordPress.

Preventing Hacks

A hack is when someone who you don’t want to have access to your information, gains access through brute force. These hackers use many tactics when attempting to hack into your website, but most times they depend on simple vulnerabilities that come from poorly developed plug-ins, or an outdated plug-in, or even an outdated version of WordPress (don’t worry we can fix it). Most people neglect these updates and feel that they aren’t important. Well, they absolutely are, and they can expose you to an innumerous amount of threats. Stop, don’t do it! You’re probably thinking this “oh okay, so all I need to do is update my plugins and WordPress.” Don’t do that… Even though that is the way to fix it, you shouldn’t do it yourself. Let me explain.

Correctly Updating

When you’re dealing with a website that has gained SEO value and is trafficked even if the traffic isn’t large. Whenever you update a plugin you need to update it on a server level, and you have to know what you’re doing, or you can crash your site! This is even more important when the update in question is the major WordPress Update. We warn you, DO NOT DO THIS UPDATE! Sorry for yelling, but this update needs to be done correctly, you need to backup your entire site (full backup) in multiple places, in case one of them fails, this in itself can take several hours, then you can proceed to update WordPress. But if you crash your website, you then need to fix it (that’s a topic for a different article). Know that’s the DIY version, here are the steps to getting it done through UltraWeb.


  1. Call UltraWeb
  2. Wait a Few hours
  3. It’s done. We’ll call you to tell you, that you’re all safe


I know it’s crazy simple. If you have a lot of updates that need to be done, give us a call, and we can take care of it for you! When you use us to keep your Website secure, we include software inside of WordPress that will automatically prevent attacks on your website!


Fix Hacked WordPress Site

This is where things get tough. If you got hacked we’re sorry that you didn’t read this article before it happened. But the good news is that we can still help you! Here at UltraWeb we manage a lot of websites, and we have customers that rely on their website to sell, and every second means they’re losing money. We understand that when you’re hacked, you need to get back up and running, immediately. When you call us with your hack, we will give you full priority to get you up and running. Here are some things you shouldn’t do if you get hacked.


Firstly, don’t go a mess around in the backend of the website. Unless you are an experienced WordPress Developer, then you can actually end up messing your site up more. Secondly, don’t delete the blog post where the hacker established their presence. In our past experience that can actually lead to crashing an entire website. Thirdly, call a WordPress developer to fix hacked WordPress site, there are numerous technical aspects intertwined. We have packages prepared so that we can get you up and running quickly! We can get you back up and running within a few hours! Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

UltraWeb Marketing

We also offer numerous other services here at UltraWeb Marketing. From full website development. To SEO, and Adwords management. We have numerous happy customers, that have been extremely successful with their new websites. Our standards are extremely high, they consist of the following; Making sure you’re happy! That’s our number one goal, nothing else. Here’s a list of our main services.


  • Organic SEO
  • Rapid Page One Search Results (Adwords Management)
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Commercial Photography
  • Commercial Videography
  • Content Writing
  • Print & Email Marketing


Each project is special to us because we believe that when you trust us to become your marketing company, you’re trusting us with your entire business.

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