Fix Hacked WordPress Website

fix hacked wordpress website

Owning a business today is extremely difficult, you have to worry about payroll, customers, employees, and so much more. Most of the time this overload leads to most companies forgetting about one of the most important and vital components of owning a business. A website… Developing a website can be expensive, and most people are never happy with their websites. Then there’s an even larger issue. Most people get their WordPress website developed, but they do it with a guy who works by himself and gets it done as quickly as possible just to get rid of you. Then a few months down the line, you find out your website been hacked, and your WordPress developer is nowhere to be found. What do you do? How to fix hacked WordPress website? Well, don’t worry the UltraWeb team can help you fix hacked WordPress website!


Here at UltraWeb, we aren’t one person. We are an actual team of people working hard to get things done for you! We are an actual business with an actual physical location, where you can come in and talk to us and show us your vision for your website! Even more so, if by any chance you get hacked down the line, you can be sure that we’ll be here to assist! 


Getting hacked can be extremely costly. Hackers will normally change banners, and make your site look unprofessional, by adding “Hacked By” fill in the blank. This means that until you fix these issues the customers that come to your website will be witnessing everything, and can be costly especially if you’re an e-commerce website. Whenever a customer sees that you’re hacked they will not feel at all comfortable using their credit card information on a hacked website. Until this is fixed the losses with simply keep piling one on top of the other.  

The Causes of a Hack

There can be many different causes to a hack. But whenever discussing a hacked WordPress site, there the most likely culprits. Updates… Updates are critical to the security of your site. Hackers attack and exploit the vulnerabilities in the outdated versions of plugins and even WordPress, to gain access to your site, and cause you numerous headaches.  Now the option to simply update everything might seem like the logical and obvious fix to your hacked website. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. We recommend that you “DO NOT UPDATE!” Even though it might seem crazy, if you simply click update, you can crash your entire website, which means you will have killed your site, then it’s harder to fix hacked WordPress website.

Fix Hacked WordPress Website

Our team of experienced WordPress developers have seen everything and can take on any hack issue. Not only will we take care of the hack, and update all of you plugins correctly (at the FTP server level), we will add software that will continuously monitor and fight attacks on your website! So not only will we fight the problem, but we have an UltraSoldier constantly fighting to protect your site. If you want more information, feel free to contact us through the contact form, or the fastest way is to call us from 9-6 PM Eastern Monday-Friday, and we can get you back and up running within the same business day (time estimate is based on previous cases, and may vary).


Fix Hacked WordPress Website

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