Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads vs Facebook ads

Google AdWords

Google processes about 3.5 billion search queries a day… That’s about 40,000 a second. Just think about it. How many google searches do you do a day? My average is about 50 searches a day. Can you imagine an ad that only gets served when the customer request information about that subject? That’s exactly what google is. Facebook serves ads based on interests. Google serves ads based on what the user searched. Let’s say for example someone searches. “Web design.” If you’re a web design company then you would use AdWords to serve you up as the first option to get you in front. This gives you optimal exposure. When a user is searching for something it means one of two things… One they’re interested in buying. Two they are ready to buy. So when someone is ready to buy and your product or service is right in their face. Your chances of converting just went through the roof! That’s why Google Adwords is so powerful! The user who is seeing your ad is requesting your ad! Google Ads vs Facebook ads.


The only con in Google AdWords is that it is extremely complicated. For a simple average joe to set up his own Adwords campaign it can be difficult and unsuccessful! That’s why we recommend that you have a Google Certified AdWords Partner setup and maintain your AdWords campaign. UltraWeb is a google certified AdWords partner, and we have packages where we set up and maintain both your Facebook and Adwords campaigns.

So in the battle Google Ads vs Facebook ads, who wins? No one. Truthfully it isn’t a competition, to begin with. Whenever building your marketing strategy you should as many channels as possible. The key is to really understand the strengths and downfalls of each channel and how to use the strengths to benefit your company as much as possible.

The most important part of all

Facebook ads vs google ads doesn’t matter if don’t have one specific very important part of the puzzle. A good Website, a mobile friendly, modern, and SEO’d website. If you want to see a top quality website that has everything you need to succeed built into the website then all you need to do is check the “our work” tab on our website. All our websites are 100% compliant with every recommendation from google. If your website is not well built and easy to navigate. Even if you do advertise, you will not convert. Customers need to trust your website. They need to know you’re serious about your business. Your website is the first impression that gets you in the door. If you need a website redesign we here at UltraWeb can absolutely help. Just fill out the contact form, or give us a call!

Google Ads vs Facebook ads

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