How To Get New Customers

how to get new customers

Has your business been having difficulty finding good customers? A business without customers is broken, your customers are what keeps the doors open and pays the bills. So begs the question “how to get new customers?” Well, today there various methods and everyone one has a surefire method that will get you incredible results, all you have to do is pay here. Here at UltraWeb, we don’t believe that’s there’s one method. We believe that if you use all of the strategies to your advantage you increase your chances of converting viewers into customers.

How To Get New Customers

As with everything in life your return is proportionate to your input. The same rule applies to marketing. With everything today being done on the computer or on some digital platform, digital marketing has become essential to ensure the survival of almost any company. Large companies have been shifting all of their marketing towards digital marketing, and some even switching completely to the platform. But what is digital marketing and how does it help you on your quest of answering the question “How To Get New Customers.”

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is marketing done through digital channels. Today the largest channels are Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing. Almost every social media site has their version of ads. Twitter, Instagram (same as Facebook Marketing), SnapChat, etc. Why is digital marketing so powerful and how is it different than the old marketing techniques such as billboards, and standard TV commercials.

Conventional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

So conventional marketing such as billboards and TV commercials are what we call high impression, low conversion ads. Lot’s of people see that ad, but a very small percentage call, maybe about 0.01-0.02% on a good day. If let’s say 200,000 actually look at your ad a month. Using the rule that would mean that 200,000 looked. 20,000 we’re interested. 2,000 tried calling but didn’t get the number fast enough and gave up. So at the end of everything maybe you’ll convert 2 actual customers. And one month of billboard advertising can cost you as much as $23,000. So if you actually can convert those 2 customers they’ll each cost you around $12,500. Which for most one customer is not worth that much. The same goes for TV, except the numbers are astronomically higher, and the cost of production and paying for a time slot can cost as little as $250,000 and just skyrocket from there.

Digital marketing differs in that you’re not hyper-dependent upon a mass amount of impressions. With digital marketing, you can use the massive traffic and demographic data from sites such as Google and Facebook to your advantage. Google’s daily traffic is 3.5 billion search queries a day, and Facebook has over 2 billion active users and all of those users have demographic information about them collected by Facebook. So for your Ad to appear to someone on Google they have to use keywords that your pre select that then makes your ad show up. So when someone sees your Ad it means that they’re already interested in your service, drastically increasing your conversion rates. Our goal is to get qualified clicks to your website (qualified means someone who is actually interested in the service or product) that will convert into actual dollar amounts, and we can a track all of that with code and give you actual numbers to prove your ROI. There are no Guestimates, we give you solid, readable numbers.

UltraWeb Marketing

If you’re tired of busting your head trying to figure out how to get new customers, give UltraWeb Marketing a call. We’ll be more than happy to help. We have a great track record with customers and can help you grow your business and accommodate your marketing needs no matter how large your company becomes.

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