Importance Of A Mobile Responsive Website Design

Mobile Responsive Website Design

In this day and age, mobile responsive website design is a must if you’re interested in dominating over your competitors.

According to Google statistics, ANY business—regardless of whether you’re small, medium, or big-sized corporation—needs a versatile mobile responsive website design in order to stay competitive in today’s market. A recent study was shown that 7 percent of users say they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

The tremendous amount of users on the web is constantly growing. More than half of the world with access to the web gain it through their mobile smartphones. A majority of traffic is from mobile devices. As new online business are being built, they have mobile-first as a focus. Websites were typically designed to support desktops, however, once smartphones and tablets came about it, there was an immediate expansion to reach these new customers.


Capture more users

Let’s face it, having the opportunity to grab your user’s attention, whether that being a sale, prospective info, or simply a phone call is crucial to success. Ensuring that your website is mobile optimized for tablets and smartphones will make or break a new potential lead.


Increase page load time

Only 9% of users will stay on a mobile site if it doesn’t satisfy their needs. (i.e be able to find applicable information or navigate quickly). This is why it is so important to prioritize need and speed.


Higher Conversions

What does the average user want from your website? Yes, it helps for your website design to look decent, but it’s jsut as important for it to be secure, fast, and user-friendly. Upon visiting the site, it should be fully responsive and easy to use on any mobile device, with great engaging content.


Higher returns

50% of people say that, if they like the business, it’s likely that will return and use the website again. This is why it is integral to win over your potential customers over your competitors by having a professional mobile responsive website design.

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