What is a Mobile Friendly Website and Why is it Important?

Mobile Friendly WebSite

Mobile Friendly WebSite

Don’t fall off the Google map – not literally Google Maps for business listings but the SERP (search engine results page).  The SERP is essentially the modern day yellow book and having a listing on the first page is guaranteed to make your phone ring.  Just as in the dinosaur yellow pages day, where jockeying would take place with businesses placing “a” in front of their name then “aa” and so on to get the first listing alphabetically.  Those first spots have and always will be highly coveted territory.  Extensive Google studies showed in 2014 that the desktop user has been passed by the mobile user slightly.  If you don’t already have a mobile friendly website then you are essentially closing your business door more than 50% of the time.

Breaking news – Google’s last algorithm targeted non mobile friendly websites.  Panda, Penguin, Caffeine & Hummingbird were enough to keep web developers up at night worrying about their pagerank.  Those animal friendly kind algorithm names were only terrifying to developers who practice black hat seo techniques.  UltraWeb Marketing never had to worry about these previous algorithm changes because we only employ white hat seo techniques.  In fact any and all of the web sites we have worked on received significant increases in pagerank and SERP due to unscrupulous sites (our competitors and yours) being penalized by Panda, Penguin, Caffeine and Hummingbird.  Websites that aren’t mobile friendly are being heavily scrutinized by Mobilegeddon, Google’s latest algorithm.

It was only a few years ago that when having a mobile friendly website entailed having two separate websites.  One for desktop and pc users and a completely separate one for users who access the website via mobile or smart device.  Some business owners were stubborn to the fact that they had to pay for 2 websites. There was an actual cost to having a separate website developed but now you can design one website according to RWD (Responsive Web Design) principles.  The problem mainly exists for thousands of website owners who had websites designed more than three years ago.  Not only is Google penalizing you but your website just can’t be viewed properly.

For those companies that were smart enough to have a separate mobile website developed you must be careful about duplicate content.  As much as Google penalizes sites that are not mobile friendly, Duplicate Content is penalized just as severely.  Think of Google as a blind person who cannot see you but does check your homework every night.  Unfortunately the companies that had the wherewithal to invest in a separate mobile website are technically speaking in Google’s penalty box.  The key point to remember here is that Google’s latest algorithm highly rewards website that are mobile friendly.  

In our next article UltraWeb Marketing will cover a few core UltraWeb Tips that should definitely be taken into consideration when developing a mobile friendly website.  

(Ultraweb Tip 1)  Do not create a separate mobile friendly website.  (Duplicate Content)

(Ultraweb Tip 2)  Use only RWD (Responsive Web Design) principles and techniques.

(Ultraweb Tip 3)  Viewport meta tag  (Scale and width per device)  

(Ultraweb Tip 4)  Font Size (Don’t make your viewers strain)

(Ultraweb Tip 5)  Icons / Buttons and clickable/pressable items (legible and easy to find)

(Ultraweb Tip 6)  Images (High Resolution only)

(Ultraweb Tip 7)  Default Zoom Settings (Auto Zoom not your friend)

(Ultraweb Tip 8)  Youtube Videos (Your best friend)

(Ultraweb Tip 9)  Mobile only website not good (remember to render for Desktop and have an option to view full version or browser mode easily accessible)

(Ultraweb Tip 10)  Call Ultraweb Marketing 800.835.6759

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly WebSite

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