Boost Your Digital Marketing Growth Pt. 1

digital marketing growth

Marketing your business has changed a lot in recent years. Just 10 years ago it was extremely difficult to advertise nationally for a small business. Thanks to the internet today it’s possible to market to anywhere with the click of a button. So how’s your business’s digital marketing growth? Have you been able to track your actual digital marketing growth numbers to see how much your business has been growing? Do you even know if you have positive ROI (Return On Investment)? When doing digital marketing it’s all about the numbers, your digital marketing agency should know them forward and backward. So how exactly should you track your Digital Marketing Growth and what advertising channels and practices should you be using?

Tracking Digital Marketing Growth

Properly tracking your digital marketing growth can be a challenge if you’re trying to do it by yourself. Installing tracking code properly can be difficult, and extrapolating all of the data is definitely not easy to do. The main things you wanna track regardless if you’re using Facebook Ads, AdWords or any similar advertising channels are as follows:


The first thing you want to know is your CPC (Cost Per Click). Your CPC is the best way of determining how much you’re going to need to spend to get the number of clicks that you want.


The next very important number to look at is CTR (Click Through Rate). CTR shows you how people are responding to your ad. If you have a CTR of 0.05% that means that less than 1% of the people viewing your ad are clicking on it. That would be a very bad CTR. A good CTR is normally from 0.8-2.5% and an amazing CTR is from 3-5%. This can vary based on your particular niche, and if your target audience is small then your CTR can be unpredictable.


Impressions are pretty straightforward, but still a key part of what I would I would call the big 3 of advertising. When you combine Impressions, CPC, and CTR you can determine where you need to go, what needs to be changed, and where you can apply more budget.

As you can see it can be a lot of work to properly market your business online. That’s why we have digital marketing specialists here at UltraWeb Marketing. When you sign up for a marketing plan with UltraWeb Marketing you’ll get a dedicated marketing specialist that will learn your business and do everything to properly advertise your business. We look at the numbers for you and then give you personalized suggestions based on the data we collect each month. Our pricing structures are never based on your spend, so your marketing fees will never go up just because you decide to raise your budget. Call us today and get ready to Boost Your Digital Marketing Growth!

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Pt. 2 – Next week we will talk about what marketing channels you should use and how you’ll benefit from them.

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