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We have collaborated with many companies achieving outstanding results. If you’re looking to dominate online mobile traffic, Facebook is the best fit!

Facebook Marketing Pros
We have extensive background of the Facebook marketing platform which can ensure your campaign is a success

Strategies That Work
Our team works closely with you to identify key objectives and executes strategies that perform results.

Account Manager
You will have your own account rep who will tweak and customize your campaign towards your liking.
Facebook for any size businesses
Whether big or small Facebook fits the right marketing for any size business. From a variety of different marketing channels, we are certified facebook marketers and can get your brand or business seen to potential new customers.
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Facebook Marketing Package
Facebook Ads initial setup and configuration. Our Social Media Specialist will create an in-depth Facebook Advertising strategy based on your industry to generate qualified traffic to your site. With special tracking codes, we’ll be able to make sure you’re getting the results that you need to get the most out of your Facebook Ads!

Package Includes

Initial setup and configuration of Facebook Ad Account
Ongoing Demographic research
One Facebook Campaign ($99/month per additional campaign)
Two Ad Sets
Ad Sets are where we determine who we’re targeting. It can be as simple as choosing a geographical area or targeting specific demographics, interest, income, and many more options.


Two Static Ads a month (can be changed on a month per month basis to better suit a particular periods marketing goals)

Static ads have an image made by our professional graphic designers. You’ll get two ads (one per Ad Set) with one image each


One 20 second infographic video ad available once every 4 months
Video Ad includes a 100-word script with professional Voice Over included. Video Ads have incredible engagement with customers. People prefer to see a visual ad with a great voiceover than to just read. This type of Ad with help push your ads to the next level, if you would like the video during the initial stages of the campaign there is an additional production fee of $199.


Monthly reporting of all analytic data and key metrics.
We will send a detailed report every month that tracks the progress of your website in all areas including website traffic, sales, conversions and social media growth.

Together we will work with your team to identify your online marketing goals.
Once we have determined the best plan, we aggressively go after it immediately. All work performed by UltraWeb Marketing is based on numbers by delivering proven results backed by monthly in-depth analytic reporting.
Types of Facebook Ads

Boost your posts

Promote your Page

Send people to your website

Increase conversions on your website

Get installs of your app

Increase engagement in your app

Reach people near your business

Raise attendance at your event

Get people to claim your offer

Get video views

Collect leads for your business

Facebook Ads are much more economical compared to Google Adwords or other social media ads like twitter.
A daily budget of around $5 dollars on Facebook Advertising can bring in meaningful results.

Why use Facebook Ads?
Audience Size Over 2 Billion Users

Attention Average user spends fifty minutes on Social Media daily.

Organic Reach Decline Facebook used to have a great organic presence but now the only way to play is to pay.

Targeting Business has the ability to target users by location, age, gender, interests, behavior, and other demographics

The ability to reach people during the initial phases of research for the buying process.
Even before a buyer is aware of their perspective need, while also capturing those who are aware of a particular need.

The ability to incorporate images and videos to capture the interest of a target market helps increase product and services visibility.

How to choose your Facebook Ad type
Facebook Ads are extremely versatile and there are now 11 different variations you can use to solve a whole host of business problems from driving traffic to your website to reaching people in your local area.

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