Business Startup Checklist

Business Startup Checklist

Just about everyone at one point in their lifetime considers opening a business.
new business checklist

One of the first things you must consider is a business startup checklist.

Harnessing your initial enthusiasm properly will help your venture be more successful in the long run.  We will detail a checklist for starting a business and what you need to know.  Do not be overwhelmed by our new business checklist as you should carefully examine each of these points at some time.

Certain step should be taken immediately for legal purposes.

It is highly advised to secure your Domain name before anyone else has a chance to grab it before you can secure it.  UltraWeb Marketing can help you with all of the tasks related to internet marketing.  Web Design is one of the most critical aspects of your online presence but you will also require logo creation for your storefront and business cards along with any related marketing materials.

You should perform the following tasks either before launching your new endeavor or during the initial stages of your business startup.


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    Research & Decisions

    Business Startup Checklist 1. Determining the feasibility

    Being brutally honest with yourself.  Any business endeavor you consider should always be something that you know a profit can be made when providing a product or service.  Asking yourself a few questions:  Would you or people you know – purchase this?  Running the numbers (financials):  are your potential customers willing to pay enough so that you can easily cover operating costs while still harvesting a profit?

    Business Startup Checklist 2.  Creation of a solid business plan

    It is not a recommended practice to persuade any involved with the new company that you don’t need a business plan.  The creation of a business plan that entails financial projections and goals forces you to think through them most minute details. Keeping your business plan alive through the course of your business is vital so it can be adapted and flexible.

    Business Startup Checklist 3.  Figuring out the monies is paramount to defining a great ROI (return on investment)

    Many times a new business startup will take more time than you initially envisioned to get off the ground.  Keeping in mind that you will still have living expenses to incur during the first year (current bank account standings and savings, your current job income, spouse or partner income, etc.).  If you are going to require financing – start looking for multiple sources for the best rate possible.

    Business Startup Checklist

    starting a small business checklist

    What You Should Know

    New business ventures make common mistakes that are easily avoided

    Business Startup Checklist

    Support Team

    Business Startup Checklist 4. Getting your immediate family, friends, and colleagues behind you. 

    Spending time to ensure that you have your family and friends support is paramount.  Starting a business is challenging enough without obstacles and resistance of any kind.

    Business Startup Checklist 5. Choosing a business name with the thought about local, national and internet names that are similar.  

    Having a name that sticks out but is not offensive will garner extra attention from your desired audience.  Whatever name you choose should not already be taken by anyone in your local and state area.  Many corporate tools exist for checking business names.  Google searches will help determine if someone already owns your website name nationally.


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    Business Startup Checklist 6. Registering a website name (your domain)

    Having a matching domain to your business name avoids any ambiguities.  Secure your Gmail address and other related search engine email providers so competitors cannot secure.

    Target & Embrace Your Goals

    Business Startup Checklist 7. Incorporating and determining your legal structure

    Incorporation for your startup will protect any personal assets. Talking about the business structure with a professional attorney and or accountant will protect you financially better. (corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship)

    Business Startup Checklist 8. Application for an EIN should be submitted

    An Employer Identification Number (EIN) assist with the separation of yourself from the business entity. This is a must if ever plan on incorporating your business endeavor or opening a business bank account.  This also keep your SSN (social security number) secure and separate from your business lessening the chance for identity theft.

    Business Startup Checklist

    Be Prepared

    Business Startup Checklist 9. Investigation and application for business licenses

    Sometimes you might be required to have more than one license dependant of your exact industry and where you are located.  State and local level business licenses along with permitting if applicable.  Circumventing any types of local, state and federal laws is not worth it – Period…  The cost is minimal to do it correctly the first time around is the only way to go.


    Get Ahead

    Business Startup Checklist 10. Set up your website

    Getting the ball rolling for your website should be much higher up the list but steps 5 and 6 clearly relate to the business and website name along with claiming it. UltraWeb Marketing can assist with getting you the online presence that you desire and require.  Steps 11 & 14 are also related to task UltraWeb Marketing can help you accomplish today.


    Save money

    Business Startup Checklist 12. Starting a revenue stream

    Start generating monies ASAP.  During the initial phase of startup, you can never have enough money.  Resisting the temptation to delay accepting and counting monies until an ideal condition is met is a not a wise practice.  Having a lawyer to create any type of customer agreements and contract forms is the best way to protect yourself and the business.


    Business Startup Checklist 11. Social media profile creation and linking

    Getting the major social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter to being) will help when it come to marketing during all phases of your business.


    Business Startup Checklist 13. Rent retail or office space

    Business Startup Checklist 14. Ordering business cards and marketing materials

    Business Startup Checklist 15. Opening a business banking account

    Business Startup Checklist 16. Setting up your accounting procedures and system

    Business Startup Checklist 17. Assigning and meriting out the responsibilities to key players and co-founders

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