Project Overview

Bardy’s is a long-standing Estate Jewelry business that started back in 1974 in Greensboro, NC, and is now able to sell across the world with their website. When Bardy’s came to us with the idea of a new web design we saw this as an opportunity to help expand the business across the globe to any and everyone that would love their jewelry. With the history and family at the front, we wanted to make sure that was at the core of the website. Bardy’s is a simple yet sophisticated brand that offers all kinds of jewelry pieces for everyone. So we wanted to tie that in to their website and really ensure that every person that came to the website felt welcomed and could find something perfect for them. At UltraWeb Marketing our goal is to create a website that encompasses what you as a business are and to welcome all into the website with an easy-to-use and clear-cut website design. UltraWeb Marketing wants you to be excited to have your website and trust that you have the best website at all times which is why we work tirelessly for you to make sure we deliver to your highest expectations.

Project Details

Website Redesign
Shopify Design
Responsive Development
Content Management