Plutonic Magazine

Plutonic Magazine

Project Overview

Plutonic Magazine came to us with the idea of not only recreating their website but making it eye-catching, accessible, and engaging to match their online magazine’s vision. We completely re-imagined the platform to encapsulate what they stand for in terms of the magazine’s, discerning content that empowers, challenges, teaches, inspires, and does so with a sense of humor. As you go through the website you find many colorful aspects that draw clients in and make them want to dive deeper. Throughout the span of the project, we had one goal in mind, to make sure we caught the viewer’s eye without them losing their mind using it, which is what we created. This new, user-friendly website was something we pride ourselves on to keep everyone thrilled to utilize and come back to each and every time. If you are looking for assistance with your website, look no further than UltraWeb Marketing for your one-stop-shop.

Project Details

Plutonic Magazine
Website Redesign
WordPress Website Design
Responsive Development
Content Management
Logo Design

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