Frequently Asked Questions

Have Common FAQ Web Design Questions? We are here to help. Also, check out some of the questions below we’ve might already answer it!

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Website Design

We’ve built numerous websites on multiple platforms however our specialty is WordPress Web Design if you’re an upcoming business getting started. WordPress is the best solution.

When it comes to website design pricing we are flexible. As we know at times companies have budgets we work closely to narrow down your goals and objectives which help us determine an accurate price quote.

This is a question we get asked a lot. It simply depends on the complexity of the site and features. However, if it’s a simple website with up to 6 pages with just content and information. We can design and develop it within 1-2 weeks time.

Your website is and will always be yours, it is your content, not UltraWeb Marketings. You will always have access to your back office login (WordPress Dashboard) with top level administrator rights. We will also provide you a full backup of the site upon completion.

A home page slider or carousel is a standard feature on almost all websites today. It is a great visual medium that rotates content across the top of your website featuring your main services and features. This consist of a large panoramic screen size image with different graphical elements and text that float in and freeze or disappear then another banner slides into the same place. Extremely complicated but highly effective at getting across your company’s message in a short time frame.

Our project schedule is based on 30 days and you can make all of the changes you like during this phase. The 1rst presentation is done on Day 7 and mainly done so that you can approve the look, feel and color scheme. Once you like the aesthetics we will move forward with populating the rest of the website in a similar manner. We can also provide remote access to our development server so you can see the progressions and make suggestions and corrections.

Website Maintenance

We will accommodate all changes during the design phase. After we present a mockup on day 7 – we will address all request and fix any technical issues during the next 3 weeks of the project/payment schedule. This generally gives our team plenty of time to get the site functioning properly while addressing any of your concerns.

We do offer support packages at discounted rates. If you have all of your content ready to go we should have no issues getting all of your changes addressed during the initial design phase. We also have affordable support packages if you find that you are need of ongoing support or changes and they never expire.

No this is a perk that we throw with all new website designs. Having a presence on YouTube is crucial for overall Search Engine success.

1) Social Interaction with your website is a huge part of Google’s Search Algorithm
2) More and more web traffic is being consumed via Video and by 2020, 82% of web traffic will be consumed visually. Data from Cisco
3) Google owns YouTube and gives huge SEO cred to their own products first

If you are not ready for a video we can create a compelling infographic that is animated and can be substituted in place of the video.

We install security features at the website level and hosting level that are extremely secure. If your website was hacked due to negligence on your parts like not updating your security plugins or version of WordPress, then we might charge an hour or two to get the site going again if it is proven that neglect occurred. Any technical issues related to our work will be addressed immediately without charge. The next question covers training and we will show you how to update your plugins and WordPress version and the best practices for doing this. We have over 50 websites designed with many being e-Commerce related and the worst thing we have ever encountered is someone posting a comment on a blog article.

Yes in a variety of manners. During the initial design phase, we like to do screen shares where you login to our machines and work side by side and see the site during the development stages. This lets us make changes much easier while introducing your employees to the back office/dashboard. We will also create personalized videos for the most common procedures you will encounter. These videos are custom and done on your website back office and show you how to “add new products” or “post new blog articles”. Between the videos and hands-on training, any person with basic web skills can pick up these common repetitive routines.

InMotion Hosting has 99.9% uptime. We handle all of the hosting requests and will contact them when and if any issues arise. In the past year, we have had very little downtime and the ship generally rights itself in minutes. We know immediately when a site goes down and always address the issue in a timely manner and will notify you immediately.

Our quote covers up to 25 professionally designed custom page but with the robust CMS (content management system) unlimited pages and post can be added by your team with little effort. One of the perks that comes with UltraWeb Marketing is that we have encountered just about every type of web based scenario and will offer the best solutions for your business


There are no hidden fees or surprises when working with UltraWeb Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the process in which an ongoing effort is made to write unique quality rich content that Google loves. Content is king if you have relevant quality keywords in your content pages google considers you an authority which in turn ranks your pages higher than other. There is a lot that goes into it which is why companies hire Ultra Web Marketing to reach new customers locally!

On average to reap the benefits of natural search engine optimization you can expect results within 4 to 6 months time. Although it might seem like a long time. It is worth waiting for unlike PPC marketing you pay for each click and limited on a budget. By ranking on Google 1st page and high position your listing will serve up a lot more visitors!

Our marketing experts work closely with you and we do the keyword research specific to your industry. We typically aim for 10 keywords, however, depending on your plan with us we can rank you for more search terms.