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What is Lead Validation?

Lead validation is the process by which sales leads are separated from other inquires in Internet Marketing campaigns. without validation, you will grossly overestimate the results of your campaign!

Phone & Web Inquires From Internet Marketing

Your Website

Validation Team

Staff members listen to every phone call and read every form inquiry and mark then as leads or non_leads.


Based on our tracking of over 100,000 internet marketing inquires, we’ve learned that on average, 45% of inquires are not sales leads.

Is your internet marketing company reporting sales leads only – or lumping everything together and calling them leads?

Non-Sales Leads

  • customer service inquires
  • sales solicitations
  • job applicants
  • phone misdials
  • unanswered calls
  • direct calls to staff members
  • empty form submissions
  • form submissions missing phone number or email address


True Sales Leads

  • phone
  • form


Damon Delcoro