What Are Explainer Videos?

what are explainer videos

Explainer videos have become a huge marketing tactic for businesses. The concept of explaining your product or service in a simple, clean, and detailed manner. This really helps push the customer into actually making a purchase since the video might answer any of the questions that they might have. But, what are explainer videos?


What Are Explainer Videos?

The definition of an explainer video is a short 1 to 3 minute video that introduces a product, website, company or service. Now, why is this such a powerful tool? And how should you use this tool? We’ve done a fair share of explainer videos here at UltraWeb, with so many clients in our pocket we’ve basically mastered the concept of creating explainer videos. Explainer videos should be colorful and have smooth transitions with mixed text and illustrations. You have to merge the effectiveness of visual and audible stimuli to increase the retention of information for the user.  


What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

Let’s take a look at this video that we made for one of our clients.

As we can see all you this video clearly explains what the service is that the client is offering. We use simple and clean visual aids that clearly help the viewer understand the content that is being said.


So what is the advantage of an explainer video that’s animated and an explainer video that’s recorded?


Well, a well-recorded explainer video with the right actor whom you want to represent your brand and the right set, and the staff and everything. It can cost you upwards of $20,000. Compared to an animated video, that’s exponentially more expensive! Most companies don’t have the budget to produce a video at that cost. That’s why the animated explainer videos can be such a good tool.


UltraWeb Marketing

If you’re interested in producing an animated explainer video for your business, give us a call. Our on-staff videographers will be more than happy to talk to you about your product or service and how we can produce an incredible video for you! Check out our other video work here.


Damon Delcoro