Have you Seen Google’s Meet?

What is Google Meet

What is Google Meet?

Google has unfortunately exposed themselves with a weak release of Google’s Meet. Google’s Meet is a flabby form of Hangouts that was quietly launched to the disappointment of most. When using Google’s Meet you have to have a group in mind, as Google’s Meet is not meant to be used for private purposes. Its changes are not very sizeable, and hardly worth mentioning, but Google’s Meet has nonetheless been thrust upon us and is here to stay. At times slow and limp, and still plagued with bugs, Google’s Meet certainly seems to been compensating for something. So, the questions become What is Google Meet and What is Google Meet good for?

What is Google MeetGoogle’s Meet is free to all of its partners and users and gives new dimensions to what was previously a private conversation. By listening to the complaints and moans of its users, Google decided to stroke its customer’s desires and create an easier way of meeting. The performance of Google’s Meet hasn’t exactly lived up to its hype, nor does it feel like much has changed. It’s safe to say: Google’s Meet is leaving its users unsatisfied.

What is Google MeetBut Google’s Meet must be good at something? And it is. Google’s Meet brings people together in one place, but only teases its users with unfulfilled promises. The primary area that Google’s Meet comes short is its limp attempt at unseating the popular Hangouts app. Fortunately, Google’s Meet has not been completely forced into our workspace yet and the ways to make Google’s Meet grow are fairly obvious.

Though fairly new, I am still finding a few ways to play with Google’s Meet. Google’s Meet really is great for team activities and can be utilized with or without full network protection. There is no size team too big or small for Google’s Meet, and its users are rarely envious of the apps in other search engines. Much like Reminders and Inbox, Google’s Meet is an attempt to make a simple problem easier to handle, and will no doubt improve in performance over time. It thrives on peer-to-peer performance and has been deemed the better user experience from testing groups.

To be clear, I, the author of this article, have only used Google’s Meet once. However, I saw this opportunity as the perfect forum to state my case into why internet marketing is so important. Why a team as big as Google would choose a name as oddly suggestive as this, I can only ponder. But, in my opinion, words and names are important if you want to be remembered for the right reasons. Your company might not have the recovery of one as big as Google, nor should its name be tainted for a simple overlook. Come talk with my team at UltraWeb Marketing and let us market your business in a clever and professional manner. Or an outright hilarious one. It’s your company. It’s your call. Let’s figure it out together.

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What is Google Meet?


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