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Increasing Visibility for your brand while building awareness.

Driving leads, contacts, form fills, phone calls and sales through increased website traffic. We are a Facebook Marketing Company based in South Florida.

For many years, hundreds of companies all throughout the nation have chosen us for their go to online marketing needs.

As a proven Facebook Marketing Company we strive to assist any size business with increasing their online presence. We help you build your brand and get more customers at the same time. Our 360 degree approach starts with extensive research and is custom tailored to your business to succeed in today’s ever growing social world.

Why us

To Be Successful, We Deliver Everything You Will Need, NOTHING LESS

Daily Facebook Page Management
For Your Business

Getting started is as simple as giving us a call. Once we know exactly what your business is about and your goals, we can start with developing an effective strategy. Identifying your goals is crucial to reaching them. Certain success indicators will be met month over month for better sustained overall growth. Whether you need help with boosting post or creating Facebook Ad campaigns we have you completely covered.

Increasing Brand Awareness along with Leads, Conversions and Sales

Many businesses come to us with a repeated request, “We need more of an online presence and for people to see our brand”. No problem we have been doing this for years. From massive corporations, mid sized companies and smaller mom and pop businesses. Having a social presence is imperative to survive in today’s online marketing world.

Implement Strategy and Put it in Play

A great Facebook Marketing Company will offer a variety of strategies to ensure that the masses can be made aware of your company. Facebook offers a multitude of ways to promote, boost or just stay at the forefront of an end users mind. Demographic targeting is much deeper with Facebook Marketing vs Google paid marketing.

We will create compelling media and content that is captivating while at the sametime being information with great CTAs (call to actions). We boost post, offers, events and have multiple ads targeted that can reach thousands or millions of people per day. Our Facebook Marketing Company has multiple methods for getting more social traction. From video creation, ad design and testing based on age, sex, interests, occupation, industry, location and many more options for demographic targeting.

Marketing that works

What You Should Be Expecting From Your Facebook Marketing Company


Our team of graphic designers and web designers will make sure that your landing pages have that certain look and appeal. Before anything is ever posted, we do a thorough overhaul of your landing pages so they have better conversions and a fresher look.

Interactive Multi Media Engagement

Having videos and infographics helps you stand apart from the crowd. As your Facebook page continues to grow and gets more followers they will be inspired to comment and like your new content. This is how you build and grow more personal relationships with your audience.

More Followers Equals More Customers

No matter who your prospective customers are, we will steadily increase your overall customer base month after month. With proper targeting this will increase sales with lower cost targeted advertising. Pushing new visitors and consumers to your website is the bottom line.

Weekly and
Daily Posting

Engaging your prospective customer and web visitors while keeping them entertained, informed and involved.

Increasing Page Likes, Comments and Visitors to your Website

UltraWeb Marketing is a Facebook Marketing Company that stays abreast of Facebook’s latest changes. We are constantly taking ongoing education course and keeping the latest Facebook certifications. Getting new Facebook followers can cost as little as 5 cents per follower when done on continual basis.

Re targeting Your Website Visitors

We employ re targeting via Facebook pixel that will allow any visitors who have ever been to your website to see strategically placed ads. This will keep your brand in front of them and in their mind regular basis.

Now you are only two short steps away from getting started today.


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