How Does My Website Get a Google Search Snippet

Google Search Snippet

How do I get my website, company or product listed in the Google Search Snippet section of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? First let’s explain what is Google Snippet.

What is Google Snippet? Anytime a person searches Google and a website has the answer, your result could be displayed. This is not a PPC (pay per click) service either. Typically the Google Search Snippet is displayed in a featured block that is highlighted in special placement box at the top of the page. Wikipedia has usually occupied this top spot for many queries but now Google is rewarding websites that have the answers to more complex questions.

A featured Google Search Snippet block contains a condensed outline of the answer you are looking for. This answer is taken from your website, sited and given a link to the exact web page, with a prominent display of the web page title and URL. Generally a Google Search snippet looks like this on a SERP (search engine results page). This Google Search Snippet was written by UltraWeb Marketing. Notice how the image used for the blog article and featured in the search snippet is branded with the company’s logo. This is another trademark of all of UltraWeb Marketing’s blog articles, using images that are related to your product while being easily identifiable, reinforcing your brand.

Google Search SnippetWhere does the Google Search Snippet answer come from?

A Google Search Snippet is extracted programmatically from what a end user would see on your website. The difference in a featured snippet is that it is heightened to easily draw the end users concentration to the Google search results page. If Google recognizes that a query has the answer to the question asked, Google programmatically detects web pages that have the answer to the end user’s question, and then displays a result in the most highly coveted position. At the top of page as a featured Google Search Snippet in the search engine results page.

You might be asking yourself, how do I get a featured Google Search Snippet. Writing valuable content that is related to your industry in time consuming. Many companies don’t have the time or the know how to get this done properly. Don’t worry, that is where UltraWeb Marketing can help you achieve the highly respected spots. We have a content writing department that writes on any topic. How do we do this? We thoroughly research your industry and garner you input and write unique and compelling content that is easily recognized by the Google Search Snippet algorithm.

Our natural traffic builder plan allows your website to have four articles written each month that are posted to your blog and then distributed to all of your social media accounts. After time Google’s search algorithm will start recognize your website as being an authority for a given field.

Similar to all GooglGoogle Search Snippete search results, a Google search snippet suggest and replicated the views and opinions of your website that Google extracts the search snippet from. These beliefs are not of Google’s but are clearly highlighted as being unique from your website. Google is continually working to advance their ability to determine the best Google Search Snippet, so the search engine results will vary from time to time.

Call UltraWeb Marketing today if you would like to find out more about getting your website a featured Google search snippet. We have written thousands of successful blog articles with a small handful achieving this highly desired result. The Google Search Snippets on this page were written by UltraWeb Marketing. Notice the amount of article view for these feature snippet articles. 3,000 to 6000 views in less than years time with almost all of these users being first time visitors to your website.

Google Search Snippet


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Google Search Snippet

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