Why Organic SEO Is Still Relevant in 2018

Organic SEO

With the popularity of using a diverse online marketing strategy, why should a business still care about organic SEO? Where organic search engine rankings once wielded the power to make or break a company’s future growth and overall success, now organic SEO has become a widely unappreciated resource.

There are multiple factors that are responsible for causing this to happen, but one principle remains constant – organic SEO is full of benefits. When properly utilized and implemented with a winning online marketing strategy, a website that ranks high organically gets more traffic, has more overall reach, and produces more useful data.

Before you write it off, here are some reasons organic SEO is still relevant to online marketing in 2018.

Organic SEO Saves Money

Consider how much of your business’ marketing budget is used for paid online advertisements for specific keyword searches. Now more than ever, PPC advertising is an expected part of online marketing and evidence of it can be found on just about every popular website, social media platform, and mobile application.

With Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Ads, and the countless other PPC advertising platforms, it’s safe to say that pay-per-click advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means having to budget for more and more PPC advertising campaigns across the various digital mediums used by the customers your business is trying to attract.

In contrast to increasing digital advertising budgets, high organic SEO rankings for relevant keyword searches carry no ongoing fees. Better still, companies that rely on local SEO can edge out industry competitors across multiple geographic keyword searches (without increasing their ongoing online marketing costs).

Organic SEO Generates Better Content

Search engines have one goal in mind – provide users the best results based on what it believes the user is searching for. To do this, it uses a complex algorithm that scans your website to learn what you offer, sell, provide, etc.

True organic search engine optimization practices make use of the latest SEO techniques so that search engines can understand the website easily. An underappreciated benefit of organizing your website in this way is how much easier and improved it is for new visitors to use.

Knocking off an organic result takes one thing – convincing the platform that visitors are more interested in your page. Retaining past users and converting new visitors is a lot easier when you understand what the visitor wants.

However, without high-quality content, fast loading pages, mobile-friendly access, and easy navigation, visitors can become disinterested or even disdainful of the brand. Organic SEO gives business’ a better chance to successfully promote the image they want to be associated with.

Organic SEO Is A Disciplined Art

A simple principle understood by successful SEO companies is that data is a resource. The more data a business collects on the visitor patterns for their website, the better they can understand how to drive traffic and convert customers.

Monitoring how well a page ranks organically and whether or not it successfully converts visitors provides insight on what visitors to your website are actually looking for. This is a useful part of paid advertisements with thorough analytics.

Organic SEO, however, teaches a business more about how to successfully market to their potential customers. The days of pumping out fresh content to generate high organic rankings are long gone and the only real way to achieve first-page organic placements is by learning how to successfully use the data over time.

This is why a professional SEO company is often needed to rank high organically now. It takes a mixture of experience and disciplined practices to get the most out of organic SEO.

Contact an SEO expert from our team to learn more about how organic SEO can help transform your online marketing plan into a winning SEO strategy.

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Organic SEO


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