Why An SEO Strategy Matters

seo strategy

Why An SEO Strategy Matters

If you operate your own independent small business, whether online-based or not, you’ve probably heard the term “SEO” thrown around somewhere by this point in time. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy individual around, there’s simply no ignoring the growing importance of creating and maintaining a positive web presence if you want your business to be successful. Short for “Search Engine Optimization”, SEO can be best described as a strategic technique of optimizing your business’s website so that search engines like Google are able to pick up on it more quickly and efficiently, helping your business to rank higher on the front pages of the search engines when people search for the items or services that you provide. In short, SEO targets the search engine traffic and leads it more directly to your business. But does a well orchestrated SEO strategy really make that much of a difference, or is it all a waste of time?

You may have noticed in your travels across the world wide web that not all websites are created equal. Regardless of how nice a website may look or how many bells and whistles it may possess, it may not get much traffic. There is a reason that certain websites that are completely simplified or barebones in their visual presentation get millions of visits and conversions while some technically beautiful websites with all the accouterments get nothing at all in comparison – a well executed SEO strategy. The difference that having a game plan for your website’s SEO can make is staggering. Believe it or not, there is an unbelievable 57% in traffic between the websites ranked on the first and the second page of given Google search. Basically, this means that your website’s potential traffic drops by 57% every moment that you aren’t the first page of that search. A serious SEO strategy yields the serious results that you want, so investing the time to optimize your website’s SEO can make all the difference in assuring the success of your business, online or otherwise.

No one likes pop-up ads. Even less people enjoy receiving cold calls. But unfortunately, commerce is a two way street and business owners need to sell their product in order to provide for themselves and for their families. On the other hand, no business owner wants to feel like a sleazy, forceful, or tactless used car salesman in order to sell their product or service. Having a well orchestrated SEO plan can help you and your customers avoid these unpleasant experiences. Instead of feeling like a nuisance and forcing your product or service on the uninterested public, SEO allows the people who are actually looking for it to find it even faster and more efficiently than other websites with lower search engine rankings. 93% percent of the time that someone searches for a particular service on search engines like Bing or Google, they find what they’re looking for on the first page of their search. Remember that your chances of being found by potential customers drop exponentially with each page that they need to progress to, so having your business appear on that first page is critical and can only be achieved through a calculated SEO strategy. Why throw money away on expensive ads when you can directly target the people who are already interested in your services?

Your website and social media accounts may accumulate as many views, likes, or re-tweets as any other popular website on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that the positive attention will translate into actual customer conversions for your business. When you utilize SEO on your website, databases like Google Analytics will allow you to track not only how many visitors your website receives and the keywords that they use to find your business, but also how many visitors convert into actual customers and the ways in which they interact with your website. Remember, the importance of a well-executed SEO strategy to any small business with a web presence cannot be understated. If you’re thinking about the benefits of implementing SEO, then you can bet that your competitors are considering the option as well, if they haven’t done so already.

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