Video Marketing Online

Video Marketing Online

Video marketing online is an integral part of your marketing campaign. In today’s world people are lazier than ever, reading a fifty word ad has become too much work. The solution to this is, video marketing online. With YouTube being the second most trafficked website on the internet,, it facilitates your company’s expansion into video marketing. Even though these ads are skippable, if you attack them correctly and strategically you can capture the viewer. Youtube tracks the viewers previously watched videos and sends them ads based on their interests, that’s why you need an experienced team to aggressively target your video marketing online.

So, now that you’ve decided to start video marketing online. How long should your videos be? What information should you use? Should you use recorded video? Or one of those Graphic videos? The answer is, it depends. It all depends on what your company sells, and it depends on your budget. If you’re a small company with a more frugal budget, a graphics only video, is recommended, these videos are easy to make and a 30 second video will only cost you a few hundred bucks. If your company has a larger budget, A mixture of both graphics and recorded video, leaning more towards graphics, and sprinkling some video throughout, the same 30 seconds is recommended, this will most likely cost you in the low thousands depending on your needs.

Moving on from here your video will get more expensive compared to what your needs are. For companies with physical products, a recorded video is the most recommended, the pro for a recorded video is the professional feel you give to your customers, but to achieve this expert level the cost will rise.  You can easily expect to spend tens of thousands, there’s much more involved, such as actors, camera rental, director, lights, pre and post production, location, and props. But the end result gives your company credibility and shows your customers that you’re serious about your business

Now there’s a big difference between a video that’s thrown together, and a planned video, that uses specific wording. Below is a great example of video marketing online.

This video had a specific purpose targeting to promote the mobile app made by this company. This was graphics video produced by Ultraweb Marketing’s video department, it was planned, and then executed with all the wording discussed in the meeting. This is the disparity between DIY and hiring an expert team to do your video content marketing, like the one at Ultraweb Marketing.

No matter what your budget is, Ultraweb Marketing can work with you to produce compelling video marketing online and grow your presence that will expand your business. Feel free to give us a call.

Video Marketing Online


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