WordPress help for common issues you might face

WordPress Help

WordPress Help for common issues you might face by UltraWeb Marketing.

As many of you know, WordPress is a great platform for building websites and most importantly maintaining them with a user friendly back office. But there are some truths to be told as to why you need a professional website design company to handle the gritty side of things when your site doesn’t go according to plan.

The most common issues that people encounter when trying to modify or customize their WordPress, are the following.

Plugins are great if you know how to install and use them properly.
Installing plugins may seem like an easy task at first hand but they should be setup by a professional WordPress website designer.

The many issues people face when installing a plugin for the first time is that it may make or break an existing element on the website that is already properly functioning. Meaning the current WordPress theme you’ve installed may disagree with a new addition of a plugin and this can cause some functionality issues to conflict. Also, your employees may not know how to approach and troubleshoot the issues they’ve encountered when installing a new plugin. This is why if you need a professional WordPress developer – If you need WordPress Help, UltraWeb Marketing will eliminate the headaches caused by unfamiliarity with WordPress plugins and functionality.

Unused styles and files in a WordPress theme
Initially you might like the look and style of your new website’s theme but your WordPress website will eventually need to change over time to stay fresh.  A custom eCommerce design theme or a personal blog all have unnecessary files running behind the scenes.  Turning off these actions and optimization of images and your media center will drastically lower your WordPress website load time.  Let UltraWeb Marketing focus on these crucial elements as Google tends to favor websites which load faster and are mobile friendly and responsive.

Google prefers fresher content and sees static website with stale content as a glaring issue.  Having fresh keyword content will affect the behavior of the users and how they consume your site and for how long through bounce rate (time spent on a page before clicking away). The content that Google serves up to its customers should be fast, efficient and  available right away when the page is visited all while being relevant to the search from the keyword. Faster speed load times should be in the 3-5 second range. Most themes once installed come packed with a plethora of files such as CSS, JS, images and alot more that can be disable or completely removed to speed up WordPress Website load times.  Unfortunately a large portion of your WordPress websites assets are not being used on each page.  The trick is to know how to disable them all the while keeping the flash and panache for which custom WordPress themes are know for.

WordPress Help

Increase of memory limits
When customizing a template many times your WordPress Web Designer will usually face multiple issues which is common among new WordPress theme installs. If you need WordPress help when importing demo content or plugins installation reach out to us and we can help.  We work with many different themes and popular plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast, Slider Revolution, WP Asset Cleanup, MegaMenu, Store Locator, GetSocial and many more.

By default WordPress allows you to have the bare minimum amount of memory configuration. If your loading many styles and any quantity of data it is required to increase your memory limit.

If you come across errors on your WordPress Website pages don’t sweat it!  We have seen them all. If you need WordPress help don’t hesitate to give UltraWeb Marketing a call.

WordPress Help


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