Top 10 WordPress Website Help Questions Answered For Your New Website

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Top 10 WordPress Website Help Questions Answered For Your New Website Design

When starting a new project there are several key questions we get asked repetitively. This will hopefully give you a better insight on how we work at UltraWeb Marketing and what you can come to expect when working toether with us.

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1. Once the website is complete and online, we want to have a copy for our records. How would you provide us with the final product?

One of the great reasons why we use the WordPress platform is that your website is and will always be yours. The content which we produce is your content, not UltraWeb Marketings. You will always have access to your back office (WordPress Dashboard) with the highest level of administrator rights. We will also provide you a full backup of the site upon completion.

2. After the initial “Go Live” of the website, do you offer ongoing support?

We will accommodate all changes during the design phase. After we present a mock up on day 7 – we will address all request and fix any technical issues during the next 3 weeks of the project/payment schedule. This allows our team to have plenty of time in to ensure that sites are tested and functioning properly while we also address any of your concerns.

3. After the creation of my site – If I need any further changes, is this included in the price of the website or would there be additional charges?

If you’re looking to make improvements or additions to the site after it is live, we do offer support packages at discounted rates. During the initial design phase, if you have all of your content ready, we should have no issues getting all of your changes addressed. If you find that you are need of support or changes, we also have affordable support packages that never expire and can be used for any of our services.

4. If we do not want a certain service included in my package such as video production, will the final price differ in any way?

The final price will not change as this is a perk that we throw with all new website designs. Having a presence on YouTube is crucial for overall Search Engine success.

Having a social media presence for your website is a huge part of Google’s Search Algorithm and having video is a big part of it. Google owns YouTube and gives huge SEO credibility to their own products first.

5. If our website gets hacked or corrupted while being hosted by UltraWeb Marketing, do you troubleshoot and get my website back up online? Will there be any additional charges for this?

We install security features at the website level and hosting level that are extremely secure.  If your website was hacked due to negligence on your part, like not updating your security plugins or version of WordPress, then we might charge an hour or two to get the site going again if it is proven that neglect occurred.  Any technical issues related to our work will be addressed immediately without charge.

6 . Do you provide any training for our staff after our website goes live? For how long?

Yes in a variety of manners.  During the initial design phase, we like to do screen shares where you login to our machines and work side by side and see the site during the development stages.  This lets us make changes much easier while introducing your employees to the backoffice / dashboard.  We will also create personalized videos for the most common procedures you will encounter.  These videos are custom and done in your website back office and show you how to “add new products” or “post new blog articles”.  Between the videos and on hands training any person with basic web skills can pick up these common repetitive routines.

7. What is a mobile responsive website?

It is the process in which your website is built to look visually and user-friendly on mobile phones and tablet devices. This is extremely important because 50% of users are searching the web on their smartphones. If your business is not easily accessible on a mobile phone you might simply lose a potential customer and go to a competitor who has a great looking mobile website.

8. What can I expect when hiring UltraWeb Marketing?

When UltraWeb Marketing takes on a new project we work closely with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your project. From idea to fruition, our designers can visually create a compelling brand with the content and feedback we receive from you.

9. Why should I go with a WordPress platform when building my new website design?

Whether you’re looking to start a new website or have an existing one, WordPress makes it extremely easy to make updates to your site on the fly. WordPress is extremely SEO friendly and has many advantages compared to other website design platforms. With thousands of plugins at your disposable, there is an unlimited amount of functionality and features you can use to enhance your website.

10. How easy is it to manage, edit images and text on my new WordPress website?

The process is straightforward from the moment you visit the back office dashboard.  It is very user-friendly with all in one to access to the information that matters most to you. Static customer information, adding new products and images are done with a few clicks and simple training will show you how.  Call today to see how UltraWeb Marketing can get you set up and running in no time.

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The best way to grow your business is to simply get noticed in your immediate area. UltraWeb Marketing has a diversified team of online marketing experts, skill web designers and social media experts!  We will work closely together with you to make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the end result. One of the many benefits of hiring UltraWeb Marketing is that at any given time you can stop by our offices to go over the website or just say Hi.  We are always here to speak face to face with you!  Let UtraWeb Marketing be the cornerstone of your online marketing success.

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