How to Create Effective Facebook Ads

effective facebook ads

Advertising, in general, is not an easy task. When you’re advertising you have to do demographic research to learn about the population that is being targeted, you have to know if they can afford your product and many other factors in this mix. Creating an effective Ad that will turn spectators into customers can be difficult. Creating Effective Facebook Ads that will call attention to a user’s eyes while they’re scrolling through their endless newsfeed, is even more difficult. There are many tactics to create visually intriguing ads that will capture a user and lead them to your website. What are these tactics and what should you do?


Effective Facebook Ads

The biggest challenge in creating effective Facebook Ads is getting the user to stop scrolling down their newsfeed. This can be extremely challenging because there is already so much intriguing content on the page. So what is going to attract people to your ad? Well… It’s simple, just keep it simple. When there is so much visual interaction on account of the information overload all you need to do is have a beautiful yet simple image. That will allow the users to have a break, and this will actually engage users to look at your ad. This tip comes straight from Facebook.


A second very important tip to creating effective Facebook Ads is not including tons of text in your image. Ideally, there should be absolutely no text in your image. Not even your logo. Including this in your image can actually lead to your ad being suppressed by Facebook, which means that your ad will not be able to reach your desired audience. Facebook says that only 20% of your image is allowed to be text, anything over that can lead your ad to not even be approved.


Correctly Targeting Ads

When advertising on Facebook you have to make sure to correctly target your Ad. Effective Facebook Ads have a detailed demographic approach. The More detailed your approach the better your chances of reaching the correct public.


Creating effective Facebook Ads can be extremely difficult. Here at UltraWeb, we’ve mastered the art of Facebook Advertising, and we can help you create extremely Effective Facebook Ads. Call our Social Media Specialist today, and get a free consultation on how we can help you turn your Facebook campaigns successful.

Effective Facebook Ads


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