How To Advertise On Facebook

How To Advertise On Facebook

What if there was a way to advertise on a platform that had billions of users that spend hours a day, looking at content either through a desktop or mobile platform. Well, I just described Facebook. What makes Facebook so powerful? What makes it a worthy platform to advertise on? Let’s talk about how to advertise on Facebook.


The Power of Facebook Advertising

What makes advertising on Facebook so powerful? Facebook is powerful because of one simple thing. Information. When you sign up for a Facebook account you tell Facebook what you’re interested in, what movies you like, what shows you watch, who your friends with, and much more. With all that information their super-computers can extrapolate what ads you will and won’t react to. Even more, so advertising can use what’s called tracking code to know if you’ve been on their website, then when you go on Facebook you see their ad. To the user, this seems like a coincidence, but it is nothing of the sort. It is, in fact, a very personalized selling tactic, making the user think “wow these guys must be big, I just visited their webpage a few days ago.” That’s why Facebook ads are so powerful, you have so much information about your target audience that you can easily adapt your ad to captivate their attention.



What’s the cost of Facebook Advertising

The real question is… What’s your budget? The great part about Facebook is that you can begin with as little as 1 dollar a day, that’s 30 a month give or take! Even though we absolutely don’t recommend you start with such a low budget as it makes it difficult to get any results. Normally we recommend that our customers begin at 5 dollars a day. With that budget, it after a month you can gauge a decent audience and allow you to change and adapt your ad to keep finding better ways to reach your audience.



How to advertise on Facebook?

To get started with your Facebook advertising all you need is a Facebook page. But… do you know how to read the reports? Who you’re targeting? If you leave your Facebook ad simply running without managing your bids, you can spend unnecessary money and not get the results you want. UltraWeb marketing we manage many successful Facebook advertising campaigns, with some of our customers getting thousands of clicks with budgets under $200 a month! All qualified trackable clicks. We do everything by the numbers. Give us a call, we know how to advertise on Facebook!



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