How to Get On First Page of Google

how to get on first page of google

Since the beginning of time there have always been a few questions that are hard to answer. Chicken or egg, Man or Women are a few that come to mind. Being first has always mattered and the clout that comes with the territory is undeniable. Since all of us are now cruising at warp speed straight into and through the digital age. It’s not just the millennials asking this next question but anyone who owns a business or just wants to be heard.  How to get on first page of Google? Google does own the most popular and used algorithm ever created with many mysterious moving parts. After many years of developing and testing hundreds of websites. UltraWeb Marketing has found the best white hat seo techniques to achieve the first page of Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). UltraWeb Marketing will help you decode the enigma behind some of Google’s hidden techniques.

Google has thousands of engineers in separate departments that are privy to their own aspect of the algorithm. Even though Google gives you the recipe to get your website on the first page of Google. Remember it’s not an overnight task and Google admittedly leaves out certain aspects of the algorithm on purpose. UltraWeb Marketing will help your website understand the shroud of secrecy surrounding Google’s search algorithm. A spider web is the easiest way to think of the algorithm with a visual. Symmetrical and Equal in most parts with a purpose to do one thing. Catch a fly or a hot lead. The Google web has certain sections that are strictly for individual characteristics (Social Media, Blog Articles, Content, Videos, Backlinks and many more) of the Algorithm. UltraWeb Marketing will cover the most important aspects in this blog article detailing how to get to the top of Google.  

Google First Page Rankings

Essentially we will tell you how to make your website knock on Google’s door and let you in politely. There are shortcut techniques which can be applied but it never takes long before Google slams the door in your face. Blackhat SEO techniques are not a strategy which UltraWeb Marketing employs. UltraWeb Marketing has a complete team of specialist whose main goal is to get your website on the first page of Google. Just like Google we have different departments who specialize in certain particular niches pertinent to first page rankings on Google. A Social Media Department, Article (Blog & Content) Writing Services Department, Video Production Department, SEO Department (Organic & PPC), Web Design Department and we have other departments whose focus isn’t entirely on Google website rankings. UltraWeb Marketing has a Custom Programming Department that can develop any platform specific to your business and our eCommerce Department is second to none.

You will be hooked once you learn how to get your website on Google’s first page and see the results. Then you must tend to your Google garden otherwise the weeds and rodents will creep in. Critical to staying on the first page of Google is having an internet marketing company who has a proven plan. Ultraweb Marketing has a multi pronged attack to achieve these results and stay ahead of the pack. This 360 degree approach will ensure that you have the proper information being submitted to Google on a regular basis. Google thoroughly appreciates fresh data that the end user will find worthy. Ultraweb Marketing’s all encompassing approach makes certain your data will be highly respected by Google.

Having a content writing team systematically deliver fresh content to Google is core to your website’s overall Google health. Top SEO pundits (UltraWeb Marketing) recommend 1 new article per week. These articles should be directly related to your industry or a peripheral field. UltraWeb Marketing’s Article Writing Service is second to none when it comes to producing compelling articles. These articles are written about your industry and their dependent keywords. A good article will keep the reader engaged all the while delivering your preferred content. Blog articles are also an awesome way to get quality backlinks to your main site.  

Of course everyone knows about Social Media and its importance. In the last few years Google changed their algorithm and placed a rather large emphasis on Social Media. Do you have visitors engaging your website via popular Social Media sites.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and many more. UltraWeb Marketing has a team of Social Media specialist that incorporate your company’s message. Their main objective is to deliver content the end user will feel compelled to engage. Having visitors leave your social media site and then goto your main website is massive in Google’s eyes. UltraWeb Marketing’s Social Media Management team will take all the tedious work out of managing all of your different social media campaigns.

Having videos that are on topic are another huge slice of the pie. UltraWeb Marketing’s Video Production department produces award winning videos. Our video production department has decades of experience with graduates from the top film and broadcast schools. YouTube is considered Social Media and was mentioned as part of our Social Media Management. This holds true but since Google bought YouTube a few years ago videos have become paramount for getting crucial data to the end user. Google is omniscient and can tell the difference between a cellphone video and a high end production. They will always serve the higher resolution and better produced video. Our Video Production team sticks to the script and has a plan in place alway thru to the final cut.

UltraWeb Marketing Email Marketing team delivers results with accountability reporting being the key aspect. We don’t want to disturb your customer base.  SPAM is not in our vocabulary and we only want to deliver meaningful content. Staying in front of your customer base can easily be overdone and highly annoying. We’re not talking about Dale Carnegie’s Training Sales dated techniques of bombarding you over and over again. When using email marketing UltraWeb Marketing knows the importance of actually delivering viable data. Offering some data that is fresh or some sort of discount is highly recommended. The goal is to not be the overly aggressive waiter stopping by the table every few seconds. Have you ever deleted or marked an email as SPAM that offers free food or a discount?

Print Marketing is still a very important cog in the marketing machine. Some industries have gone completely green with an eco driven conscious towards eliminating paper.  UltraWeb Marketing respects this but still realizes the importance to have print collateral. Not all restaurant diners can pull out their smart device to view a menu. Kindle, eBooks and online newspapers are spectacular but if you have traditional print needs give us a call. Our Print Marketing department has a complete team of graphic designers offering an eclectic mix of palettes to choose from. Whether for business cards, brochures, billboards, Trade Show displays, or even vehicle wraps we can design it for you.

Give UltraWeb Marketing a call when you’re ready to have your website conquer Google first page results. In order to achieve this pinnacle on the Google plateau choose a proven web marketing team. UltraWeb Marketing is extremely proud of their portfolio and we have many examples from different industries. Security Camera King in fact does around 500k in sales a month. Follow UltraWeb Marketing’s proven techniques and the zenith on the SEO horizon is attainable for any company who puts forth the same effort as a Security Camera King. The main goal of this blog article is to teach you how to get on first page of Google.

How to get on first page of Google


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