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How to Make a Video for Your Website!

So you’ve already got a well-designed, inviting website for your product or business, but you just aren’t pulling in the traffic or customer conversions that you need to grow. You may even have a team of writers pumping out blog articles to fill the internet with the written content on various subjects relating to your business, but that only goes so far in expanding your influence. If you really want to increase the reach and profitability of your business, then you may need to consider other solutions. If you written content just isn’t doing the trick anymore, then you can also maximize your SEO potential quickly and easily by converting a blog article into a high quality video.

Shooting and editing video content can seem like an intimidating task to some, but if you already have worthwhile content on your website or blog, then you’ve already completed the hardest part! Ask any seasoned video editor, director, or producer and they’ll all likely tell you that the script is the most critical element of your video’s creation. Even with the highest quality cameras, great effects, and overall high production values, your video production experience will probably result in a complete mess without a script in place, no matter how simple. The article you’ve already written serves this purpose – it tells you what to say and all of the information that you’ll need to display visually for the viewer to understand what you’re discussing. Now you’re ready to create the visuals to go along with your words! All this part requires is a camera and some creativity.

When retrieving information on a website through a web search, Google accesses it’s written text, images, and video data. Google then takes all of that information into account when determining where the website ranks in that given search. This means that without videos on your website, this data will be missing and that will negatively affect your website’s overall search ranking. If you don’t have any video content on your website, then this could already be causing you to miss out on potential customers! Not only do videos improve the SEO ranking of your website, but they’re also attractive to potential clients and make a lasting, positive impression.

Video search results often display a thumbnail image, the video’s title, and description, making them a very appealing option for people searching for your products or services. Now, we could start throwing the statistics on how many Internet users are more likely to click through on a video before dedicating the time to stop and read through blocks and blocks of text (like you’re doing now!), but being one of them yourself, you can probably figure that one out on your own. People always have and always will be attracted to impressive visuals. We can all acknowledge that in today’s fast-paced world of Internet-based marketing and eCommerce businesses, video is not only far more engaging than text, but also captures the attention of potential clients far more quickly and efficiently.

Now do what we do! Start scrolling through your website’s blog posts and determine which ones would make a great video script for you business! For more information on video production, SEO, and how our experienced digital marketing team can help your business grow, contact us at!


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