Social Media Marketing for Small Business

social media marketing for small business

Social media is a platform with billions of users. These days it seems that a new social media platform is appearing every day. With so many different social media sites, which one should you attack? That all depends on the demographic you’re trying to marketing too. So let’s better discuss social media marketing for small business.


Social Media Marketing for Small Business

The biggest and most robust social media platform is definitively Facebook. The social media giant has spent years making sure that they have the necessary information about their users to allow them to have large amounts of demographic data so they can use that data to sell ads. Facebook has plenty of daily users, but the majority of these users are older users that average 25 and up. If that’s within the target range you’re hoping to reach then Facebook will be the method for you to use. If you’re interested in Facebook Marketing here are some articles explaining it in more detail.

How To Advertise Your Business On Facebook


Youtube is a large video sharing network. YouTube has hundreds of millions of daily views, this means that you can use this large network to advertise your product. You can use video ads that will display before a video starts.



Instagram is similar to Facebook but it mainly a picture based interface. Pictures on this platform are normally more high-quality. This platform is perfect for those that want to advertise to millennials. The vast majority of millennials prefer Instagram to Facebook and use it on a daily basis.


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