Transfer WordPress Site to New Host

Transfer Wordpress Site to New Host

At UltraWeb Marketing one of the most popular request we get is how to transfer wordpress site to new host.  This task can be demanding on many different levels depending on your host.  Is your current website being hosted on a WordPress server?  At UltraWeb Marketing we have our own dedicated WordPress server that guarantees your WordPress site will have the highest uptimes all while being solely committed to the WordPress platform.  Our dedicated WordPress server is configured to handle all aspects of a WordPress website design.  It doesn’t matter if you have a standard brochure style website or a more complex e-commerce site along with every imaginable type of site that falls in between.  So if you are moving a WordPress site to a new host let UltraWeb Marketing assist you with this overly complicated procedure.

To transfer WordPress site to new host requires different WordPress migration techniques depending on what hosting provider you have in place and the destination host.  You will find out that moving WordPress websites by a novice can lead to catastrophic results (lost data is the number 1 culprit).  Using an experienced WordPress developer will get the job done much easier without fear of data loss or file corruption.  Using managed WordPress hosting by UltraWeb Marketing gives you the ultimate security blanket of protection.

Transfer WordPress Site to New Host

Remember that moving a WordPress site to a new host without WordPress expertise is not a recommended best practice.  Don’t attempt to migrate WordPress to new server that is not configured to properly serve WordPress websites.  At first glance after moving a WordPress site to a new host it might appear that all has gone well but functionality will become an issue eventually. WordPress is constantly updating their latest version of WordPress and this is where having a non WordPress server host will ultimately fail.

If you are looking to transfer domain to WordPress we can help you migrate to a WordPress site.  This procedure does require much more effort than just to transfer WordPress site to a new host.  If you are not currently using a WordPress platform, we can help you get your data in the WordPress.  Again this process does require much more effort and is akin to a website redesign.  There is no magic button that will just slurp up all of your current non WordPress website and automatically convert it to a WordPress platform.  That is where are team of experienced WordPress developers can help ease the transition of moving a WordPress site from one host to another.

If you need help to transfer WordPress site to new host call UltraWeb Marketing.  If you need a complete new website design we have the best WordPress Developers around on our staff.


Transfer WordPress Site to New Host

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