Facebook ads vs Google ads

Facebook ads vs Google ads

Marketing has changed a lot since the days where simply putting up a billboard, advertising in magazines, and putting up tv ads actually worked. Today users have become so accustomed to ads that they don’t have the high yield results that are desired by marketing departments and firms. So, how we proceed? How do you advertise to people who don’t like ads? Today the two largest upcoming channels of ads are Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Facebook ads vs Google ads. What is the difference between the two? Is one better than the other? How does the end user respond to the ad?

Facebook ads vs Google ads

Facebook ads and google ads are completely different but very similar at the same time. It sounds strange. But let me explain and you’ll understand which is correct for you and your business.

Facebook ads

Facebook has over 1.86 active users (users that have logged in within the last 30 days). That’s a lot of people! Almost a quarter of the people on the planet use this social media platform to keep in touch with each other. This is important because your audience is extremely huge and this audience is sorted. Facebook users put their interests and likes and dislike on their profile, this allows you to more expertly target the demographic you want. Facebook has various campaign types you can select the one that most accurately represents the goal of your Facebook ad.

Pros & Cons

 Let’s start with the pros. Facebook is great because it allows you to target your demographic very specifically based on interests, jobs, age, and geographic localizations. In the reporting, it also shows you how each of the former is reacting to your ad. The best part of Facebook ads is the cost. For only around $35 bucks a week you can get an estimated 10,000 impressions. A lot of our customers use facebook for “Brand Recognition” Simply because it puts your product and logo in front of a lot of eyes. On the con size is the reporting. Facebook doesn’t give the most detailed and easy to understand reporting, you have to actually take some time to learn and it definitely comes with a learning curve. Even after learning, the reports don’t give you all the information. Even though it gives you detailed demographic reports, they hide and make it difficult to find a lot of information.


Facebook ads are great. They give you bang for the buck, but the ads are not as targeted and direct as google.

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Facebook ads vs Google ads

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