WordPress Site Hacked

WordPress site hacked

Out on the web, there are people whose sole purpose in life is to hack others. With millions of websites on the web, not all websites are correctly built in order to protect themselves from threats. Plus 40% of these websites are built on WordPress and with WordPress, you have to know how to correctly build a website so that it isn’t vulnerable. Contrary to popular belief WordPress is actually very secure, but if you have dozens of plugins and don’t update them, you create your own vulnerabilities and the WordPress site Hacked!


WordPress Site Hacked

Getting hacked can be extremely bad for your business, especially when customers or potential customers use your website to access your services or purchase products. Hackers sometimes embed links that can go out to Pornographic websites, Malware sites, and scam site. The customer doesn’t know that you’ve been hacked and can feel insecure being on your website and will not make a purchase, potentially costing you thousands of dollars. Sometimes these hackers post a picture and replace your blog with hacked by “insert name here”. Even this can be bad for your company. When blogs get replaced you lose all that precious SEO value that you spend so much time, money and effort on.


Fixing WordPress Site Hacked

Here at UltraWeb, we have all the tools to clean up and protect your website against future threats. We run multi-million dollar e-commerce sites that receive threats every single day and have accrued the skills to maintain your website secure. If your WordPress site Hacked, then give us a call. With full FTP server access, we can usually get everything done within the same business day and get your site back up and running safely! We understand that the importance of having a safe website and will do everything possible to get you back up and running.


The Benefit of HTTPS

HTTPS can give you a boost in security and give your customers peace of mind. Under google’s new regulations if your site is not HTTPS it will actually begin to de-rank your site, costing you all of that SEO. Don’t worry UltraWeb can make your site an HTTPS with ease! Contact us and we can get started on doing it correctly to minimize the hit and project how to get you back to your SEO positions. Don’t just fix WordPress Site Hacked, solve it!



Here at UltraWeb, we have a full range of services from WordPress Web Design to Videography. Our staff of Web designers, photographers, videographers, SEO Specialist, and Social Media Specialist can take on any project, we run websites for multi-million dollar businesses and can also run yours. Give us a call or click that chat button in the bottom right corner and start building your online presence today!


Fix Hacked WordPress Website

Fix Hacked WordPress Site

WordPress Hacked Fix



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