How To Market Your Business

how to market your business

The term marketing has been around ever since business has existed. In truth, marketing is nothing more than how you, a business owner, can get the customer to buy your product. Marketing strategies have evolved throughout time. The word first started to appear around the early 1900s and henceforth it only became more popular. The largest influence in the change in marketing has been technology. In the 1900s and all the way until the popularization of the television the 1905s. This opened the door to a more visual form of marketing. So we’re gonna teach you how to market your business in today’s fast and instant world!


How To Market Your Business

Marketing your business is not an impossible task. Today you don’t have to depend on T.V. Commercials or Radio Ads to advertise your business. Thanks to the invention of the internet advertising has never been so affordable and approachable. There are various ways that you can market yourself to possible customers all while maintaining control of your spend and making sure that you have a positive ROI on that investment. So how do you do it?


Paid Advertising

The first way to advertise your business is paid advertising. Using channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, you can advertise your business for a fee normally by setting a budget and then bidding on a CPC (Cost Per Click). The most popular of these advertising mediums is Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. These two work a bit different but can each be an extremely powerful tool. Google Adwords serves based off of keyword searches. So for example, if you’re in the business of selling mugs, you would set up your Ad to appear when someone searches “coffee mug” or other related keywords. This kind of advertising is called “Demand and Supply.” The customer creates the demand and you immediately show them the supply. With Facebook Advertising, you’ll be using a more “Demographic” approach. Meaning that you’ll select the kind of person that you’re trying to sell your product and service. If you wanna learn more about Google and Facebook Advertising than here’s a list of related articles.



Natural SEO

Natural SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a form of Advertising that makes the user feel like they’re not being advertised to. Similar to Adwords, Natural SEO is based on Demand and Supply. Whenever someone searches “Coffee Mug” instead of you paying to be on that page, you’ll be on there naturally. The best part about this is that there is no CPC. You don’t have to pay every time someone clicks there! The only thing you need to do is produce current, original, and relevant content, and you’ll naturally start rising in the google ranks. Now there is much more to this. Here at UltraWeb Marketing are SEO specialist on getting our customers on that coveted first page. Our track record is undeniable. when deciding how to market your business, be sure to call the pros!


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